Pasquale D'Silva


I was the principle designer on Hype, a weird as hell product at Intermedia Labs. The company was founded by Colin Kroll & Rus Yusupov who were cofounders of the video social network named Vine. Hype leveraged a heavy duty animation graphics environment engineered by the genius mind of Marcus Eckert. The team was insanely talented.

The general idea of the product was that you could stream hypermedia widgets over live video, and make bonkers interactive "tv shows" on your phone. It was ahead of its time, and had some really dope people working on it. Instagram ripped a bunch of it off, which was a good sign.

Ultimately it was shut down, but HQ Trivia came hot on its heels with some bigger energy.

I hope something like this gets a chance to enter the universe in another form again.