Pasquale D'Silva

Pasquale Gideon D'Silva

companies: Famera, Thinko & Keezy


Product Designer: Elepath

  1. (Software Incubator)

  2. Creative Director: Intermedia Labs
  3. (Generated Hype and HQ Trivia)

  4. Creative Director: MindSnacks
  5. (Educational Games, now Elevate)

  6. Designer / Animator: Johnny Cupcakes 
  7. (Streetwear for sort of hypebeast kids)

  8. Animator / Generalist: Warner Bros
  9. (at a crappy little offshoot studio)


Spatial Interfaces

Push Conf, Munich, 2015

Designing with Animation

Web Directions, Sydney, 2013

I'm on twitter sometimes but email is better: