I'm Pasquale D'Silva

I'm the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Keezy, a new type of music company.



Chat toy called Debris. ThingList. Fun tumblr theme called Stellar. Animated gifs. MoonBase, an Interaction Design tool. Podcast about design & nonsense with Charles & Dave. I made Tumblr's mascot. His name is TumblrBot. Music Experiments. Squetch, an Animation feedback tool. I got “arrested” dressed as Shredder on the news. Nice colors to use for your Terminal / Atom / Sublime / XCode. My infrequently updated body of work. My OkCupid Profile.



A portrait of me by my friend Elias.

I live in Brooklyn, New York.

I frequently blog on tumblr & twitter.
I like reading your emails: helloooooooooooo@psql.me. If you're a recruiter, try and put some work into your email instead of sending me a canned one.

I hope you had fun on my website. Goodbye!